Believing in putting people first, the management of Fairwood encourages candid communication. We listen to and care for our staff in a bid to attract high-calibre talent while cultivating a strong sense of belonging among existing staff members. The Group is dedicated to providing career development opportunities and enhancing job satisfaction by setting individual goals, as well as encouraging a dynamic and energetic work attitude in the workplace.

The management has promoted work-life balance by introducing a flexible work schedule while strengthening a good sense of corporate attachment through organising a wide array of staff functions.

The Group is committed to providing comprehensive on-the-job training programmes which serve as a platform for its staff to enhance their skill set and to further enhance their potential. Ample promotion opportunities and attractive incentive offers are planned to reward staff members with outstanding performance at work.

Fairwood aims to build a happy team who strive for self improvement and advancement, with the enthusiasm to deliver an enjoyable dining experience to customers. The collective effort put forward by the Group and its dedicated staff contribute to the achievement of the Group's corporate mission of "Enjoy Great Food. Live a Great Life"