About Fairwood

About Fairwood

Born and bred in Hong Kong, Fairwood Holdings Limited ("Fairwood" or "the Group") (HKEX stock code: 52) was first founded back in 1972 by Mr. Lo Fong Seong and Mr. Lo Hoi Fook. From the beginning, Fairwood was conceived as a fast food restaurant committed to high quality but affordable food, supported by exceptional service within a comfortable dining environment. Since its humble origins as a single restaurant on Chung On Street in Tsuen Wan, Fairwood has forged a Hong Kong-wide reputation for quality and value and emerged as one of the city’s leading fast food brands.

Fairwood's journey to becoming a much-cherished Hong Kong institution was boosted in 1982, when we established a Central Food Processing Plant that gave us the ability to guarantee consistent food quality while also hugely improving the efficiency of our operations. Fairwood's popularity grew, and in October 1991 the Group successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. As a publicly listed company, Fairwood set out to stamp its mark on the fast food industry in Hong Kong and beyond.

A major Fairwood rebranding campaign in 2003 saw us revamp our brand image, enhance our products and services, upgrade our employee engagement programmes and improve our operations and management practices. It all created a highly distinctive style and unique company philosophy that has served us well ever since, with continuing adjustments and redesigns over the years as we have expanded. 

Fairwood's constant quest to deliver quality food at affordable prices for every taste and dining preference has never flagged. Our fast food menu offers a strong range of both Chinese and Western dishes, with several signature products - such as Ah Wood curries, baked pork chop rice, spaghetti bolognaise, and sweetcorn and diced pork rice – that have proved universal favourites. More recently we have developed innovative new dishes to suit changing customer preferences, including our popular "No MSG" series, thick-cut black pork cutlet, claypot rice, and other claypot dishes. Our "Tasty & Green" and "Wholesome Delight" ranges cater for vegetarian and health-conscious diners, while the acquisition of our own Fairwood Bakery in 2021 has significantly enhanced the quality and range of our fresh bread products. 

With the launch of our "Click-and-collect" online ordering platform in 2020, we have further expanded our range to serve anyone wishing to enjoy a Fairwood meal at home. Currently, the Group operates more than 155 restaurants in Hong Kong and Mainland China. These include not only the classic Fairwood fast food restaurants, but also a series of four specialty restaurant brands: Taiwan Bowl, ASAP, The Leaf Kitchen, and Kenting Tea House. Underlying every development has been our simple but ambitious mission: "Enjoy Great Food. Live a Great Life".

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Creating value for individuals and communities

At Fairwood, people always come first. That means our customers, and every one of our staff. More generally, it takes in the people of the community and the neighbourhoods we are part of. We believe our job is to create value for every one of these groups. For our customers we do that by delivering great food, constantly innovating in our menu, and making our in-store and takeaway services as friendly and convenient as possible. For our staff, it means being a great place to work, ensuring their working environment is safe, and offering them a satisfying career path. And for the wider community, we add value through regular community action, staff voluntary initiatives, and special offers for those who most need our help.  Our vision for creating value is summed up in our company mission for all: “Enjoy Great Food. Live a Great Life”.

An equal opportunity employer

We value commitment, talent and empathy in our staff, and realise that no one group has a monopoly on these qualities. Our community recruitment programme has been specially designed to support equal-opportunity employment in Hong Kong, and we have used it to find some of our best employees from under-represented groups, such as ethnic minorities and homemaker women who have never been in the workforce. To ensure these special groups of talented employees integrate successfully into our unique working environment and maintain a good work-life balance, we offer flexible working hours and tailored on-the-job training, while ethnic minority candidates have the support of a specially-appointed ethnic minority ambassador.

Making Fairwood barrier-free

Fairwood has always believed that great food should be available for everybody – including anyone with a disability or mobility issue.  Driven by this belief, we were the first Hong Kong fast food chain to provide customers with a "barrier-free" environment, designed to remove or minimize every obstacle that can make life difficult for elderly and disabled customers. Fully two thirds of our stores have been modified to enhance access for all, for instance by adding moveable seats and ramps and widening passageways. Going beyond this, our staff will also help those with limited mobility to order and collect their meals – one of the services that has established Fairwood’s reputation as a restaurant with heart.

Giving back to the community

We pride ourselves on our community-minded employees, and work to foster their community spirit through training events and interactive experiences. Our aim is to develop a close-knit staff group who are able to put themselves in other people’s shoes and proactively reach out to help and serve others.  Our "Fairwood Give Warmth Campaign" gives staff the chance to help the elderly in their communities. Each one of our stores is encouraged to serve in the campaign, which involves supporting senior citizens in need by distributing healthy delicacies like rice in lotus leaf. This is the Fairwood way of showing love and appreciation to the elderly people who helped build Hong Kong, and who made our city into the great place it is.