Fairwood believes that people and customers should always come first and the Group’s top priority has always been to deliver an excellent dining experience to our customers through our innovative and delicious dishes, friendly services and a comfortable dining environment. We also aim to fulfill the needs of the wider community through a range of charitable functions, and have organized a number of neighbourhood activities to promote a more harmonious society, in which every community member can “Enjoy Great Food. Live a Great Life”.

  • Involvement in Charity and Community Welfare
The Fairwood actively involved in contributing to the community. Through the "Fairwood Warm Caring campaign", we distributed "Glutinous Rice with Chicken" to the elderly in order to sustain the "Live a Great Life".

The Group initiated a community recruitment program specifically targeted at housewives and minority groups, as an effort to support equal employment opportunities. By providing flexible working hours, on-the-job training and having an ethnic minority ambassador, the Group helps these new recruits successfully integrate into the team, while also providing the opportunity for work-life balance.

To better serve the wider community, especially the physically disabled, the Group took pride in becoming the first Hong Kong fast food chain to provide a “Barrier-free” environment. Various modifications were made to existing stores and practices, such as widening the walkways, installing movable seats and ramps, and helping to order and deliver meals.

The “Fairwood Happy Day” aimed to promote the values of mutual respect and philanthropy, while forming a stronger bond with the local community.

As Christmas is a festive time to share happiness with others, the Group organised Christmas parties in its stores to celebrate with the needy. Through the sharing of delicious festive food and games specially planned for the occasion, all participants enjoyed a great afternoon.

The Group co-organised “Poon Choi banquet” with St James’ Settlement, serving the elderly traditional festive food to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Hoping to evoke a sense of nostalgia about the 1970’s, the “Fairwood $4 Meal Campaign” was launched, further underlining the Group’s commitment to social responsibility by raising public awareness of the financial difficulties faced by the underprivileged in Hong Kong.