2012 To commemorate its 40th anniversary, the Group launched a series of activities including the “Scratch Card Campaign” and the “Fairwood $4 Meal Campaign” in 2012. Adhering to its mission of “Enjoy Great Food. Live a Great Life” and continuing to fulfill its commitment to social responsibility, the Group continues to serve the needs of the financially disadvantaged while arousing public awareness about financial difficulties faced by the underprivileged in our local community.

With the Group’s constant effort in exploring and expanding the Mainland fast food market, the number of stores has reached 25 by the end of 2012, in major city locations such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Beijing.
2011 2011 was another successful year of the Group during which several recognitions were received, recognizing the Group’s achievements in 3 areas:

-“Hong Kong Top Service Brand Award 2011” by The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Brand Development Council
-“Hong Kong Proud Brands Award” by The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Ming Pao Newspapers Limited
-“2011 Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Customer Service Grand Award” by Hong Kong Trade & Industry Department
-“Service & Courtesy Award” by Hong Kong Retail Management Association
-“Customer Service Excellence Award” by Hong Kong Association for Customer Service Excellence
Human Resources Management
-“2011 Distinguished Family-Friendly Employer” by the Family Council
-“ERB Manpower Development Scheme Award” by the Employees Retraining Board

To better serve the physically disabled, the Group took pride in becoming the first Hong Kong restaurant group to run its stores in a “Barrier-free” manner by the installation of movable seats and ramps, widening the walkways in stores, as well as helping to order and deliver meals to customers with special needs.
2010 In 2010, the Group opened its 100th fast food store. In the same year, ISO 22000 & HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) Certification were awarded to the Group reflecting the Group’s ability to apply the international standards of food safety management systems. In addition, Mr Dennis Lo, Executive Chairman of the Group, was elected as “Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2010 China – Service Entrepreneur Award”, as well as the Group being awarded the “CAPITAL WEEKLY outstanding listed Business Awards”.
2009 In September 2009, the new 80,000 sq feet central food processing plant and the training centre at the Tai Po Industrial Estate came into operation. It continues to play a vital role in delivering quality food by streamlining of food production process and strengthening quality control. Through the adoption of global sourcing strategies, the Group has become the first fast food operators to introduce the Thick-Cut Black Pork Cutlet series, bringing premium food to the general public at an affordable price.
2008 In response to increasing health consciousness among the general public, the Group launched the “No MSG” series in 2008 to promote healthy dining. The launch of the second generation “Orange Concept” during the same year further developed the vibrant and trendy image of the Group through decorating the dining environment with orange-black shade and stripe patterns.
2006 Becoming the first fast food chain to deploy the SAP Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system to a full scale operation in early 2006, the Group enhanced its profit margin as a result of flexible scheduling, effective food preparation management and cost control.
2004 In 2004, Fairwood became the first fast food chain in Hong Kong to be awarded the Service Q-Mark by the Hong Kong Q-Mark Council of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries. In addition, the Group won the Design for Asia Award 2004 – [Distinguished Design from China], the 2004 Superbrands Award, Hong Kong Smoke Free Workplace Leading Company Awards, and HKMA / TVB Award for Marketing Excellence 2004 - Certificate of Merit. With the introduction of innovative food products such as the spaghetti series, featuring the use of fresh tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil and “al dente” pasta, the Group has pushed its popularity to new heights.
2003 The “Big Bang” brand revamp initiative was launched in 2003 with the new slogan of “Time to visit Fairwood”. The new corporate logo, that of a “jumping man” was created by one of the leading designers in Hong Kong, Mr. Alan Chan, and was designed to resemble the Chinese character for “big”. The new store concept, designed by Steve Leung and Yasumichi Morita, features shades of orange and an aesthetic inspired by denim to project a vibrant and energetic image while creating a comfortable dining experience for customers. Moreover, the Group was the first among all fast food operators to provide freshly-brewed coffee, and the first to offer a completely smoke-free environment for its diners.
2000 A backend production support department was set up in Shenzhen in 2000 to enhance the Group’s operation efficiency.
1999 The year 1999 marked another significant period of the Group focused on developing an effective business management system and enhancing product quality through the use of the QSCI (Quality Service Cleanliness Index).
1992 The Group opened its first cross-border restaurant in Beijing in 1992 by forming a joint venture with a PRC company, marking being the first Hong Kong fast food chain in China.
1991 Fairwood made an initial public offering of its shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in October 1991. The listing provided Fairwood with an efficient financing platform for further business development.
1981 Through the establishment of a central food processing plant and warehouse, as well as a logistics fleet in 1981, the Group paved the way for business expansion while ensuring consistent food quality and effective cost control.
1972 Fairwood was co-founded by Mr Lo Fong Seong and Mr. Lo Hoi Fook in 1972, with its first restaurant established on Chung On Street, Tsuen Wan in December. The Group mainly operates a fast food chain business with menu offering a wide variety of local Chinese and Western dishes.